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Master 1ère année TEAM-ACTORS : Transitions in Environmental and agrifood systems management

Niveau Master, Ingénieur, Doctorat Formation potentiellement éligible au CPF
Scientific and professional objectives
• Understanding environmental issues of agricultural, rural, suburban and high-nature-value areas
• Mastering tools for territorial analysis from an interdisciplinary and multiscale perspective
• Managing for place-based analysis from an interdisciplinary and multilevel perspective
• Promoting dialogue with the socio-professional environment in a multi-stake and multi-actor context
• Innovating in environmental engineering, planning practices and sustainable production systems.

This master programme has been built on the basis of a prospective describing the evolution of the professions in environment with many professionals involved. Several observations have emerged: the environmental dimension is essential in public decision-making. Climate change and the preservation of resources (biodiversity, water, soil) require adapting the scenarios of development and spatial planning. Several laws (energy transition, biodiversity laws, the Water Framework Directive, etc.) provide an evolving regulatory framework. New agricultural models placing the environment at the center of technical practices are emerging. The productive question of agriculture comes back in public issues via food. Urban public decisions affect rural areas.
• Scientific approach (37 h) / Group work
• Interdisciplinary stakes and challenges of environmental issues (38 h) / Case study - Group Work
• French language courses (58 h) (6 ECTS)
• Internship (270 h) (16 ETCS)
• Understanding of the French environmental and agricultural context, qualitative and quantitative data processing
Data analysis (25 h) / Group work
• Case Study: Systemic Approach to Regional Agriculture (55 h) / Travel and group work
• Conducting innovative professional projects (60 h) / Group Work
• Aquatic environment
• Litterature review on social construction of environment
• Economic and financial analysis of enterprises and agricultural enterprises
2 possibilities :
- International and national economic policies – or –
- From land data to GIS (geographic information system): Spatial data analysis of environments and landscapes
• French language - Compulsory for students who do not speak french) (6 ECTS) (58h)
• Other language (German / Spanish / Italian / English / Portuguese) (3 ECTS)
Master mention agrosciences, environnement, territoires, paysage, forêt


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